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Turnkey Solar + Long Duration Energy Storage 

We are an EPC that delivers complex projects using an integrated project delivery method, providing clients in diverse industries with engineering services, procurement and installation. We are a one-stop shop, whether you want to buy a complete renewable energy system, finance it, or enter into a long-term renewable power purchase agreement (PPA). 

What is BESS?

Battery Energy Storage System


Often referred to as the "Swiss-Army knife" of energy transition, BESS are multi-functional, increasing the efficiency of intermittent sources of power such as wind and solar by storing energy during off-peak hours, and providing it back to the grid during peak hours.


We give you expert advice on the best non-lithium BESS options based on the project's timing, and levelized cost of energy, peak-shaving and eco-efficiency targets. Plus, we work with your local fire department and utility provider.

  • Securing fire department permission

  • Securing the grid connection agreement with your utility provider 

  • Contract negotiation



  • Procuring DC Energy Storage materials & solar panels

  • Procuring Power Conversion Hardware

  • Procuring Communications Hardware

  • Providing safety measures

  • Overseeing site preparation

  • Overseeing site cabling 

  • Delivery


Project Management

  • Overseeing installation and commissioning of all storage + solar components 

  • Overseeing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance

  • Negotiating insurance

  • Designing, procuring, and installing auxiliary power

  • BESS recycling & disposal

  • Dispatch optimization and control security

  • Pre-purchase analysis of future energy price risk

We only work with manufacturers whose products meet the highest international safety standards, to make the connection approvals process as smooth as possible.

Our BESS is Best

There are hundreds of iterations of BESS technologies currently being produced around the world for smart grid projects, grouped into dozens of categories and sub-categories by their materials and chemistry. That makes it critical to have the assistance of a knowledgeable, flexible, and technology-agnostic BESS consultant and project manager, such as Radiance Energy.

Each type of BESS has its unique advantages and disadvantages. Working with experts in BESS who are familiar with ALL the different types of batteries available on the market today is a critical first step in beginning your BESS project. 

All batteries are not created equal! We are extremely picky about the manufacturers we work with — which is why we like to educate clients on just a small menu of BESS products. 

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