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Keep an eye out on this space to know more about the revolutionary Leaf Program for Educational Instutites



Radiance Energy's Affordable Financial Program offers customers high-quality LED lighting solutions with zero upfront costs while immediately maximizing your energy and maintenance savings.


With our program, no changes are needed to annual budgets, and no capital finance approvals are required as our lease program remains within your operational budget. This allows your utility savings to pay for our program. 

To further maximize savings available to you, our lighting experts select specific types of products that have the potential to receive energy rebates provided through incentive upgrade programs.


With our Affordable Finance Program, you maintain a positive cashflow from day one. Your facility will receive high-quality LED lighting solutions designed specifically for your needs, with zero upfront costs. This includes installation, products, warranty, and ongoing technical and customer support.

Once your LED lights are installed, you will receive positive cash flow every month, generated from your energy savings and the absence of any lighting maintenance costs.

Enhance your public profile with environment-friendly benefits that our LED lighting solution provides, while improving your lighting levels throughout your facility.

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