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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of energy savings can we expect?

Radiance.Energy solutions save between 60-95% in lighting costs.

Are there incentives from the government or utility companies?

That depends on your jurisdiction. Our staff can help you answer that. Simply give us a call.


How much will I save?

We must do an audit of your premises before we can answer that. Our audit is free and you are under no obligation to buy. Once our audit is complete, shortly after we will provide you with a report/proposal detailing how much you will save in lighting energy costs.


Can I finance the purchase?

Absolutely. We provide financing for you. Check out our Zero Upfront Financing info.


How much is the audit?

Nothing. It's completely free!

To learn more about LED Technology and how it can help you save energy and provide a healthier environment, contact us or more information.