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Wesgar is an industry leader in high-precision sheet metal manufacturing with almost 50 years of experience, operating in two locations, covering over 100,000 square feet


Wesgar is a fully integrated precision sheet metal manufacturer serving OEM, telecom, medical, industrial controls, power monitoring and architectural industries. Employee health and safety are paramount.

Radiance Energy conducted a thorough audit and energy analysis of Wesgar’s manufacturing and office areas. Radiance found that there was poor visibility and low light levels throughout their facility. There was also high flicker rates and maintenance costs.


Radiance Energy replaced their existing metal halide fixtures with high-efficiency high bay lighting with controls for their warehouse areas and installed LED flat panels to replace the fluorescent tubes in the offices. 


✓ Saved 77% in energy and maintenance costs
✓ 10yr manufacturers warranty, 20yr life expectancy
✓ Up to 300% increase in brightness & visibility levels
✓ Healthier and safer lighting environment