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Reduce Headaches, Stress, and Eyestrain with Flicker-Free LED Lights

June 18, 2021

Last Updated

June 23, 2021 at 4:06:47 p.m.

Reduce Headaches, Stress, and Eyestrain with Flicker-Free LED Lights

Have you ever worked in an office with large, bright, fluorescent strip lighting and found yourself feeling more nervous as the day wore on? If so, you may be among the growing group of people sensitive to light flicker.

Light flicker is a subtle change in the amount of light brightness over time that can be visually observed as flashing, strobing, or blinking effects. The speed of flicker, measured in terms of its frequency, is visible by most people when it’s under 90Hz, or 90 flashes every second. That’s very fast when one considers that commercial-grade strobe lights used at dance clubs operate at about 10-12Hz, or 10-12 flashes per second.

Fluorescent lights such as those commonly used in offices are 100-120Hz. That’s roughly ten times faster than strobes used in night clubs. When combined with their high temperature (more on that below), these lights have adverse effects on our mental and physical health, including serious consequences for our nervous system, circadian rhythms, and body chemistry.

How light flicker affects your body

Most people get headaches from time to time and reach for pain relievers without complaining. This makes the issue difficult to quantify for experts because the problem is so widespread. At frequencies ranging from 100Hz - 120Hz, the most common symptoms are headaches, eyestrain and reduced productivity due to the inability to concentrate and focus.

Other negative effects include:

• Insomnia (melatonin suppression)
• Increased stress
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
• Hormone/endocrine disruption
• Reduced immunity
• Menstrual cycle disruption
• Weight gain/obesity
• Increased risk of cancer, tumor formation
• Sexual development/maturation disruption

People on the autism spectrum, individuals with photosensitive epilepsy, and others with brain conditions typically suffer the most from high-frequency lighting. Symptoms in these groups include moderate to severe migraines, learning impairment, and seizures.

The solution is flicker-free LED lighting

LED lighting is rapidly growing in popularity among owners of commercial and residential buildings looking for crisp, clear superior lighting that saves money while upgrading property values. At the same time, it provides a much healthier lighting experience for residents, employees, and students.

LEDs simply work better. They provide a flicker-free lighting experience through consistent electricity produced through an AC to DC transformer. The result is continuous lighting without any strobing, blinking, or flashing effects.

Reduce Headaches, Stress, and Eyestrain with Flicker-Free LED Lights

LEDs also emit a healthier lighting spectrum

Did you know that light emits a colour? It may not be a colour you see, but one that you can sense through its lighting spectrum.

The lighting spectrum refers to a range of colours expressed in units called kelvins. “Warm” lights are typically under 5000K while “cool” lights are measured at over 5000K.

Excessively “cool” light emitted from fluorescent bulbs has been shown to negatively affect students with learning disabilities and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Thankfully, LED lighting has been shown to effectively reduce these symptoms and contribute to a more productive learning environment.

Other benefits of LED lights include:

• Improved alignment of circadian rhythms - an internal biological “clock” that governs our metabolism and sleep patterns
• Temperature controls that adjust for the time of day and function of the room
• Innovative features such as dimming switches and sensors
• Cost savings for owners and tenants
• Reduced carbon footprint
• Increased property value

Radiance Energy can help you upgrade to LEDs with no upfront costs

LED lighting gives you numerous options to beautify your space, create a healthier work environment, enhance property values and contribute to a healthier environment. Radiance Energy makes it possible with no upfront costs and finance terms ranging from 3-7 years that help pay off your investment fast.

The experts at Radiance Energy can show you how to transform your space with flicker-free crystal clear bright lights that enhance functionality, creativity and productivity - all while saving money and reducing carbon emissions. Schedule an audit with one of our experts today!



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