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Get ready Vancouver: Radiance Energy is upgrading the PNE

August 19, 2022

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August 19, 2022 at 9:04:37 p.m.

Get ready Vancouver: Radiance Energy is upgrading the PNE

Few places inspire cherished memories like the Pacific National Exhibition - the iconic Vancouver-based complex that has held a special place in the hearts of people across British Columbia since 1910.

For over one hundred years, millions of guests have visited the PNE to enjoy the annual summer fair, amusement park, workshops, exhibitions, concerts, and sporting events. The PNE represents more than just a location - it’s an institution that’s become ingrained in the hearts and minds of multi-generation Vancouverites, newly-arrived residents, and visitors from all over the world.

Radiance Energy is ready to shine light on the PNE!

This year, the PNE will shine brighter than ever with Radiance Energy!

We are honoured to be awarded with the City of Vancouver’s PNE Lighting Upgrade Systems Project scheduled to be completed by December 2022.

Roughly 6,000 total fixtures and controls will be installed in various locations throughout the PNE. These include the Pacific Coliseum, Rollerland, Agrodome, Livestock Barn, Amphitheatre, Hastings Room, Garden Auditorium, Playland, operations offices, administration buildings, and exterior areas.

Modern LED systems will save the PNE energy, reduce costs, and much more

Radiance Energy will do more than just improve the lighting at the PNE with high-tech LEDs that save energy. We plan to install control systems in all campus facilities, including a wireless Bluetooth network that enables preventative maintenance and risk management.

Get ready Vancouver: Radiance Energy is upgrading the PNE

Preventative Risk Management

Radiance Energy will install sensors that can detect overheating motors and other mechanisms, so teams can proactively repair systems to prevent damage. Besides saving time and improving efficiency, these high-tech upgrades can save tens of thousands of dollars in the long term by ensuring that all equipment is actively maintained and in perfect working order.

Adaptable Lighting Controls

Modern LED systems feature end-user tools that help users customize the lighting environment to suit any activity or time of day. Features of our system include tuning controls that allow for flexible adjustment of colour temperature from warm to cool light that adapt to any occasion. We’ll also install motion control sensors that ensure maximum energy savings by turning lights off when they are not in use. In addition, our system will automatically accommodate and adjust to natural light to provide ideal lighting conditions at any time of the day.

Optimized Building Management

From network lighting control systems to HVAC, our intelligent building controls unite all building aspects together to streamline maintenance and future-proof energy facilities.

Mobile apps are integrated into all systems to facilitate installation and operation while ensuring streamlined future upgrades. Radiance Energy systems additionally unlock the power of device-generated data to offer powerful analytics dashboards that provide real-time overviews to optimize efficiency and reduce costs.

Experience the Power of Modern LED Technology at the PNE

Visit the PNE to witness the power of future-forward LED lighting systems that leverage technology to save energy, lower costs, and produce a superior lighting experience.

Radiance Energy can also bring the benefits of LED lighting to your residential building, commercial business, or industrial enterprise. Contact us for a complimentary consultation to discover the benefits of LED lighting for your building with no money down and savings that pay for the cost of the project.



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