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Four Green Ways Your Business Can Save Big Money and Energy in 2021

Jan 19, 2021

Last Updated

March 15, 2021 at 6:40:41 p.m.

Four Green Ways Your Business Can Save Big Money and Energy in 2021

It’s not a secret that last year’s events brought major changes to the economic landscape that are contributing to the declining economy and upcoming recession.

Businesses are especially vulnerable, so it pays to stay ahead of the curve and start saving money now. This doesn’t always have to involve big sacrifices or major budget overhauls. In fact, small changes can add up to big savings in the long term.

This article will show you some easy tips to implement along with others that require an investment. What they all share is that they save money in the long term while contributing to a greener economy.

1. Monitor electricity use

The first step is to find out how much electricity your business is using. Most hydro companies like BC Hydro have tracking tools that help you see your daily and hourly usage along with spikes in consumption and any use outside of business hours.

Do employees tend to leave lights on during after-hours? Consider making it a business policy to turn off all unnecessary lights when the business is closed. Monitoring electricity use is very useful in determining the efficiency of your business equipment. It can also help you determine if any upgrades to lighting or other systems are needed to reduce electricity use, save money and increase the value of your property.

2. Lower heating and air conditioner temperature settings

Air conditioners and heating can use a lot of energy - especially for large spaces. Consider lowering the temperature by two to three degrees and watch the savings add up through major reductions in electricity use.

Four Green Ways Your Business Can Save Big Money and Energy in 2021

3. Switch to renewable energy

If you run an energy-intensive business, you may want to consider switching to renewable energy. Besides saving money, you’ll experience all these additional benefits:

-Protection from changing prices
-Government grants and subsidies
-Possibility to sell energy to the grid
-No grid-related outages
-Less CO2 production

4. Switch to LEDs

As one of the premier providers of LEDs in Canada, we’re saving this one for last.

LEDs are one of the most rapidly-developing and energy-efficient lighting technologies. They provide high-quality bright light that is healthier than compact fluorescent lights while using less electricity than incandescent bulbs.

There’s never been a better time to invest in LEDs. Your business deserves the superior lighting, cost savings and increased property valuations that LEDs provide. The experts at Radiance Energy can provide you with an audit of your current lighting and give you recommendations for a cost-effective and greener future.



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