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Craving the Bright Blue Sky? Bring the Outdoors Inside With LED Skylights!

July 12, 2021

Last Updated

July 19, 2021 at 8:13:55 p.m.

Craving the Bright Blue Sky? Bring the Outdoors Inside With LED Skylights!

Picture a super-stressful day packed with meetings, deadlines, and appointments. You are in a busy urban setting full of stimulation where people are everywhere, screens are flashing with news, and noises are coming from every direction. Now imagine looking up and gazing at a bright blue sky with a hint of clouds - similar to what you might see while laying on a lounger on holiday.

Does that feel better? Of course it does! And that’s precisely what LED skylights can do for everyone that passes through your educational institution, commercial facility, or residential building.

LED Skylights bring nature into every indoor environment

Skylights synergise high-quality and cost-effective LED light to produce the visual effect of overhead sky imagery. Designed and built with Open Skies Image Technology, skylights are a collaborative effort by artists, engineers and technology experts. By synthesizing light and imagery, skylights provide a unique multisensory experience with profound effects on human physiology.

Skylights connect us to nature

Skylights may not bring the actual sky into our room, but they bring the therapeutic benefits of nature into a variety of indoor environments. Use cases for skylights span buildings of all types and sizes, including offices, hospitals, care facilities, schools and residential buildings.

Craving the Bright Blue Sky? Bring the Outdoors Inside With LED Skylights!

Skylights provide first-in-class LED light

LED lighting is next-generation technology that provides full-spectrum illumination that saves money, boosts property values, and contributes to a healthier environment.

LED technology also provides flicker-free lighting through consistent electricity production that provides a continuous lighting experience without any strobing, blinking, or flashing effects.

Skylights promote Human-Centric-Lighting (HCL)

Did you know that legacy office lighting can have a detrimental effect on human physiology? Backed by LED lighting technology, skylights provide a superior lighting experience that allows users to tune into an optimal colour temperature that can be adapted to any room for a more productive and comfortable lighting experience.

Skylights expand indoor spaces

Along with providing first-in-class LED light, skylights help create the illusion of more space by inviting everyone to lift their gaze and experience illusions from the natural world.

Skylights attract new tenants and increase property values

With the economy re-opening, property owners are looking to maximize the value of their property and attract new tenants. What better way to do that than with proprietary LED technology that provides a superior lighting experience? Skylights create a profound experience that impacts new visitors, giving you the opportunity to increase the value of your property, retain and attract new tenants.

Skylights are versatile and can be installed anywhere

Looking to add a point of visual interest to a lobby? Skylights offer you multiple image options to suit any time of the day. Do you operate a medical care facility? Skylights can be installed above beds or in examination rooms to provide a soothing visual experience that helps calm the mind.

Skylights are so versatile that they can be used in a variety of environments, adding beauty and visual interest to any institutional, residential, or commercial space.

Skylights Help Save Money While Creating a Healthier Environment For Everyone

Radiance Energy offers superior LED technology solutions with no money down, up to 90% cost savings, and finance terms ranging from 3-7 years that let you quickly pay off your investment.

Our experienced consultants can help you customize an LED lighting solution that provides a superior lighting experience while boosting property values and reducing costs. In addition, we help you take care of your investment in the long term with warranty programs that span 5-10 years, and a guaranteed 20+ year lamp life.

Skylights can enhance your indoor space with the beauty of nature while creating a healthier environment that benefits everyone. Call us today for a free consultation!



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