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Atlas Sign & Awning

Atlas Sign and Awning  specializes in design, production and installation of signage across North
America. They are one of BC’s fastest growing businesses.


Atlas experienced strong growth over the last few years; however, poor lighting in the warehouse and manufacturing areas held the company back from its full potential.

"The Radiance lights give us better light levels and make our staff happier and more productive. All this while saving us a lot of money!"

Kevin MacDonald, Owner and CFO
Atlas Sign & Awning


Radiance Energy replaced the warehouse metal halide highbay fixtures with LED lighting, resulting in a 100% increase in light levels while reducing energy use by half. Replacing the office troffer lights with flat panel LEDs resulted in a light quality improvement of 50% and saved more than 70% in energy costs.


✓ 2 million kWh savings over 10 years
✓ 74% energy savings
✓ Increased light output
✓ Over $33,000 rebate from local utility

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