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White Structure
White Structure
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Power House


Energy storage. Outage? No problem !

Total back-up 24/7 !

Using nature in our advantage, to make the built world more efficient !

Image by Egor Yakushkin

Integrated Community Solution

Our Integrated Community Solutions,

anchored by the Smart Community Comprehensive Management Platform, emphasize Energy Efficient Housing.


Our smart houses are quick to build, cost-effective, and resilient to natural disasters, offering any-sized homes. Featuring Energy on Demand, we provide self-sustainable housing with solar battery storage and a zero-carbon footprint.

Safety &Security are paramount, with monitored appliances, community lighting, and early emergency detection. Energy as a Service includes a community micro-grid and metered utility service, ensuring profitability for developers and affordability for homeowners.

Storm night , house with lights on in the middle of houses that have a power outage.jpg

Affordable Home Self-Generating Power System

Parasol Elite Power’s innovative and affordable solution for sustainable energy right in your home. Our self-generating power system not only brings independence but is also made more affordable with incentives that put clean energy within your reach !

Key Components of Our System:

  • 6kW Solar Panels: Our 6kW solar panel array efficiently harnesses sunlight, converting it into clean, renewable energy for your home.

  • 10kW Inverter: This component efficiently transforms solar-generated DC electricity into usable AC power, ensuring a smooth and efficient electricity supply for your household appliances.

  • 19.2kW LFP Storage Battery: Store surplus solar energy using our high-capacity 19.2kW lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) battery, ensuring reliable power supply during low solar production or grid

  • Cloud Management and Monitoring Software: Monitor and control your energy consumption and generation with ease through our cloud-based management and monitoring software, maximizing your system's performance and savings.

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