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Three Types of LED Lights To Customize Your Commercial, Office or Residential Space

February 12, 2021

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February 12, 2021 at 5:23:54 p.m.

Three Types of LED Lights To Customize Your Commercial, Office or Residential Space

Different types of LED lights can truly transform a space. With so many lighting choices available, various types incorporating brightness, location and fixture style can be tailored to a room for optimal productivity and creativity.

Lighting is generally divided up into three main categories that include ambient, accent and task lighting. Each fulfills a different purpose and can be used in a complementary fashion to produce a unique mood and feel that can be adjusted to the room’s function and time of day.

Let’s take a deep dive into each of these types of lighting and how they can work for your large commercial or residential space.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is also referred to as general lighting. Its primary purpose is to illuminate a space at a uniform level through general light that permeates the entire area.

Think large ceiling LEDs in office spaces, lobbies, classrooms, hallways, gyms, elevators or game rooms. The fixtures used in ambient lighting provide general overhead illumination over an entire area without focusing on any particular part of the space.

Besides large ceiling LEDs, other ambient lighting examples include wall sconces, large lamps, cove lighting and pendants that reflect light off walls and into the entire space.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting directs interest to a specific part of a space. Besides highlighting design aesthetics, accent lighting can emphasize various shapes, textures and finishes on furniture and walls.

Typical examples of accent lighting include recessed housings, multi-directional lamps and track lighting that highlights specific areas of interest. Other popular fixtures include recessed spot lighting, track lighting and wall-mounted lights.

One of the keys to making accent lighting work is to make it brighter and more intense than the general lighting of the room. Another important consideration is to ensure that it is not overused - too much accent lighting can often de-emphasize the areas it is meant to highlight.

Three Types of LED Lights To Customize Your Commercial, Office or Residential Space

Task Lighting

As the name suggests, task lighting is used to highlight work areas. Of all lighting types, this should typically be the brightest and must be strong enough to prevent eye strain.

The choice of task lighting depends on the type of environment and function of the space. Standard options include table lamps, track lighting, recessed lighting, pendants, floor lamps, under-cabinet lighting and vanity lights in public bathrooms.

Customizing LEDs to Suit Your Space

LED technology is rapidly evolving to include features to compliment any type of lighting. Dimming features and temperature control can customize the light to suit any time of day, for any purpose.

With all the lighting choices available today, choosing a lighting configuration can be overwhelming. Our experts can make that process enjoyable and worry-free by presenting customized options that are ideally suited to the size and function of your space.

Radiance Energy invites you to schedule an audit with one of our specialists today. We can show you how to transform your space while saving money, reducing carbon emissions and optimizing your space for optimal functionality, creativity and productivity.



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