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Radiance Energy Salutes Over 400,000 Canadian Employees Working Towards A Sustainable Future!

March 11, 2021

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March 12, 2021 at 10:43:25 p.m.

Radiance Energy Salutes Over 400,000 Canadian Employees Working Towards A Sustainable Future!

At Radiance Energy, we want to express our sincerest gratitude, appreciation and admiration to over 400,000 employees working in the Canadian energy efficiency sector.

We’ve come a long way in terms of sustainability, public awareness, and innovation in Canada. There’s still a lot of progress to be made, but we know that together we can make a greener and more sustainable future possible.

The hard work of employees in the energy efficiency sector provides benefits that extend far into the future, such as lower costs, reduced emissions, improved operating performance and increased asset values. The numbers are in, and they suggest that the energy efficiency sector is a top job creator in North America.

Efficiency Canada is committed to expanding the sector to meet the Pan-Canadian Framework commitments and beyond. Their 2018 study suggests that ramping up energy efficiency efforts across the country can create up to 175,000 new jobs on an average annual basis through 2030.

Canada’s Energy Transition promises increased prosperity and improved environmental quality through four main pathways that include:

1. Cleaner oil and gas production
2. Increased use of renewable fuels
3. Switching to clean power (electrification)
4. Less energy waste

LEDs are an integral part of the plan. They leverage innovative technology that uses up to 90% less electricity while providing superior lighting that can boost productivity and improve the ambiance of any public space.

LEDs benefit employees in multiple ways

Upgrading to LED lighting provides numerous benefits to the workplace that include:

Accident Prevention
Prevent trips and falls in poorly lit areas with LED lights. They can illuminate all areas while eliminating shadows, and are especially important where heavy equipment is being used.

Emergency Lighting
LEDs are reliable during times of emergency where smoke or fire can decrease visibility. Besides providing light to large rooms and open spaces, powerful LEDs can illuminate small areas like stairwells, providing the light required to reach places of safety.

Healthier Work Environment
LEDs can be customized to suit any type of commercial, residential or learning environment. Innovative controls can adjust the brightness and colour spectrum to increase productivity and boost moods for a lively and more productive workplace.

LED lighting rewards hardworking employees with a healthier, greener work environment

An investment in LED lighting helps you reduce electricity, save money and reduce your carbon footprint - all while showing your staff how much you appreciate their hard work. And there’s no upfront cost - Radiance Energy offers zero-interest financing and terms that allow the project to pay for itself within several years.

Our experts can provide you with customized recommendations for quality lighting design that will transform your space for an upgraded environment that benefits everyone. Click here to schedule a no-obligation audit today!

Radiance Energy Salutes Over 400,000 Canadian Employees Working Towards A Sustainable Future!



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