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Banish Lighting Issues With These Easy Customized LED Lighting Solutions

September 7, 2021

Last Updated

September 22, 2021 at 4:59:34 p.m.

Banish Lighting Issues With These Easy Customized LED Lighting Solutions

Lighting can take up nearly 20% of an energy bill for the average commercial enterprise – why limit yourself to traditional fluorescent lighting because of unique sizing requirements when there are many affordable LED options with Radiance that will both improve your current lighting and reduce your operating expenses?

Our experts have a solution for every issue - with simple, adaptable, and innovative products that are customizable and easy to install.

Custom Frames for Flat Panels

Upgrading your office building to Flat Panels is a great investment to your property. However, not all office and commercial facilities have the standard 2x4, 2x2, or 1x4 sizing requirements. At Radiance, we’ve designed and engineered some of the most unique custom frames for our clients, fitting into any T-bar sizing requirement and ideal for any office or commercial environment.

Our frames can integrate both sensors and vents to allow for further customization. To help meet your ASHRAE sensor and control requirements, Radiance is able to build sensors into our frames to provide a seamless design. Ventilation features can also be built in which are ideal for troffer replacements that may already have HVAC systems in place.

Radiance has provided thousands of these products for projects over the years and have seen nothing but success with our frames. From its sleek, simple design, to its customizable features, our Radiance custom frames make any unique and complex lighting requirements easier.

Color, Wattage, and Size Adjustable LED Downlights

At Radiance, we understand the unique lighting needs of our clients, which is why we created our Round LED 6-8” Color and Wattage Adjustable Downlights, perfect for any pot light replacement. We’ve designed these lights to include the following unique features:

• 100-347V
• Adjustable wattage: 8W/12W/16 W
• 120 lumens per watt
• Adjustable temperatures: 3000K/3500K/4000K
• Recessed lens
• Non-glare
• Customized dimming options
• Ideal for damp locations with high humidity
• 5-year manufacturers warranty

Featuring a unique design made by lighting professionals for professional installers, Radiance Energy’s innovative construction replaces any 6-8 inch pot light. With an all-in-one luminaire, adjustable wattage and temperature control, our round LED 6-8 inch downlights will improve lighting conditions to facilitate all types of tasks, and make the most demanding projects easy.

Banish Lighting Issues With These Easy Customized LED Lighting Solutions

Custom Lights? No Problem. We Make Them Locally

We are proud to serve local Vancouver businesses and be part of the greater community. With our extensive variety of quality LED solutions and expert staff, we can custom-build or duplicate any fixture to your liking and design - at an affordable price.

High-quality, economical and environmentally-friendly LED solutions - with no upfront cost!

For all of your LED lighting needs, Radiance has you covered. Call our experts today to schedule a no-obligation audit that will reveal new lighting possibilities that can transform your space. There has never been a better time to upgrade to LEDs, and our incentives make it easy with financing plans that help pay for the project quickly with no upfront costs.



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