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Royal Bank Heritage Building LED Retrofit

Radiance Energy specializes in LED retrofits in many different types of commercial buildings, from car dealerships to sporting facilities. One of our recent projects is the retrofit of the RBC building at 685 West Hastings Street in downtown Vancouver.

This building is the oldest bank building in the city, and has a tangible sense of history. However, as with many heritage buildings, it wasn’t without its issues. In this particular case, the dim lighting and ballasts were insufficient to illuminate the spectacular, high-ceilinged interior. This was causing a high rate of staff turnover. Radiance Energy knew that an effective LED lighting solution could transform the bank’s interior for both customers and employees, and represent the RBC brand far better in this flagship location.

Radiance emphasizes the importance of locally-sourced lighting when possible, and this project was no exception. Arranging the most sustainable lighting solution is our mission.



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