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LED Health and Wellness Benefits

Benefits of Radiance Energy Products  



  • More than 90% of Radiance’s products have zero or very low flicker rates

  • Radiance products are extremely efficient (high lumens per watt)

  • Energy savings and warranties are the best in the industry

  • Ballasts are not required and will be removed, eliminating a point of failure and energy usage

  • All products contain:

    •  no mercury

    •  no UV (dangerous for young people’s eyes[1])

    •  no PCB’s

    •  reduced heat emissions to keep classrooms cooler

    •  100% recyclable materials

  • Reduction in physical symptoms such as headaches, lack of attention, difficulty reading small font and dizziness from Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome or Irlen Syndrome[2]

  • Colour spectrum provides sharper vision, better colour rendering and closest output to natural sunlight[3]


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[2] Irlen Institute. “What is Irlen Syndrome?” http://irlen.com/what-is-irlen-syndrome/.

[3] Graph 1: Popular Mechanics: The Ultimate Light Bulb Test