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Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver

Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver represents over 11,000 Real Estate professionals, from Whistler to Maple Ridge and Tsawwassen. The REBGV identified the lighting system in their three-level underground parking garage as needing improvement.


As part of a long-standing initiative to promote sustainability and social responsibility, the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) was looking to reduce the carbon footprint of its headquarters. They turned to Radiance Energy for an LED lighting solution.

"I envision a day when every building will be using Radiance Energy's technology"

Bob Wallace, CEO
Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver


Radiance Energy conducted an advanced simulation which showed the number of fixtures could be reduced by more than 50% while improving light levels.Metal halide and T8 fluorescent lights were replaced by LED high brightness lamps. Employees with fluorescent light sensitivity reduced migraines from 3 per month to zero.


✓ More even light and fewer dark patches
✓ Over $14,000/yr maintenance savings
✓ $9,111 energy savings/year

2.6 year project payback