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Radiance Energy Partners with Fohse, a Leading Provider of “Indoor Sunshine” Horticulture Lighting

May 5, 2021

Last Updated

May 10, 2021 at 3:49:41 p.m.

Radiance Energy Partners with Fohse, a Leading Provider of “Indoor Sunshine” Horticulture Lighting

At Radiance Energy, we are always looking to expand our product range so we can offer the best lighting services to our cannabis cultivation clients.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Fohse - a grow light manufacturing specialist offering innovative solutions for the horticulture industry.

Fohse - an acronym for the Future of Horticultural Science and Engineering - is leading the charge in advancing the use of LED technology for cannabis growers and other horticulture specialists. After identifying a performance gap caused by legacy High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) and underperforming LED lights, Fohse spent years perfecting the company’s technology in an effort to outperform current systems in both price and performance.

“When everyone else was trying to figure out how to make their lights more efficient to lower the electric bill, we were trying to get higher yields,” said a spokesperson from Fohse in a recent article. While its competitors substituted cheaper materials to lower prices, Fohse chose to design higher-power fixtures that increase cannabis yields. The result was a total sell-out at a 2019 industry trade show in Toronto, Canada, with a display that looked “like a spaceship in the middle of the convention floor”.

Fohse’s innovative technology has earned the company a loyal legion of fans looking to replicate natural light by creating “indoor sunshine” that brings impeccable yields. Grow lights typically average approximately 2 pounds per light. By contrast, Fohse lights can increase dry weight yields by 65% to provide yields of 6-8lbs per light. That’s equal to an astonishing four grow cycles per year - all while using 16% less energy!

Growers across the United States and Canada have seen stunning results from the use of Fohse lighting, including Steve Cantwell of Green Life Productions. After almost doubling his yields from 80-90 pounds to 150-160 pounds, Cantwell has now outgrown his processing facility. Fohse also backs the quality of its lights with claims that the company has never had to buy back a single fixture from the tens of thousands produced and sold over the last five years.

Superior performance, increased yields and lower electricity bills make Fohse an all-around winner for growers in any location. That’s why Radiance Energy is proud to partner with the company to offer our clients competitive pricing along with first-in-class support on all Fohse lighting solutions.

No Budget? No problem! We have you covered with a “No Upfront Cost” solution that will get you growing today.

Watch the Fohse lights in action here:

Read more about Fohse on their website

Contact us today to learn more on how you can start growing with Radiance!

Radiance Energy Partners with Fohse, a Leading Provider of “Indoor Sunshine” Horticulture Lighting



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