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LED Lighting solutions for Commercial Sector

From the retail environment through to hospitality and office environments, Radiance Energy has worked with a wide range of clients and understands the different requirements of each sector.


Typically, the majority of energy consumption in non-industrial sectors is through lighting and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). We are experts in looking at how best to optimize these two key elements.


Our initial analysis will normally identify potential energy savings in the region of 20% - 50% for most buildings.


Although energy may only be a small part of the overall cost (way behind the cost of stock, labor and rent) it has a large impact on the overall profitability.


We have developed a number of solutions that assist in achieving step-change energy reductions that impact on the bottom line.


Energy View

Realtime Energy Information displayed on dashboards, tablets or phones.

Thermographic Audits

We deliver full thermographic audits across all your electrical systems to identify any potential issues before they occur.

Energy Optimisation Services

We deliver practical energy optimisation advice to all types of public sector organisations.

Power Quality Analysis

Active Lighting

We have sourced quality LED solutions for T8/5 and 600x600 panel replacements. At up to 60% less energy and the increase in light quality makes the investment very good value for money.

Electrical Installation Condition Report

In-depth review of the quality of power checking for phase balancing, harmonics and earth leakage.

Our EICR services are tailored to suite public sector organisations. Our reports include power quality and thermographic data as standard.